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Summer 2019 Application

When will the application open?

The Summer application will open on April 17th at 10AM. Please make sure to choose the Bear Creek Spring and/or Summer 2019 application and choose on the contract length page "Summer" to apply for Summer 2019.

If you are a current resident and you would like to extend your contract through the summer, please do not fill out a summer application. You can extend your contract by coming to the office and filling out a contract change form.

When is the move-in?

Move-in will be 5/31/2019. Please note that your contract, and therefore your charges, will start as of that day, even if you decide to move in a few days later. You will have to move-in no later than 9AM on the first day of classes.

What different contract options do you offer?

Summer 2019 (Move-in: 5/31/2019 - Move-out: 8/9/2019)

If you would like to stay until next summer, then you will also need to apply for the academic year contract.

How can I find roommates?

You will be able to search for roommates that applied for the summer in the application portal.

If you would like to live with specific current Bear Creek residents, then please email and we will manually add them to your roommate request list.

Since we have limited availability, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to assign you together. If you do not identify any roommates, we will try to match you based on your lifestyle preferences and apartment type choice.

How do assignments work?

Bear Creek leasing staff will assign you to an available space. If you know of a specific open space that you would like to be assigned to, or if you have already assigned yourself to a room for the fall, please email and let us know.

What is the availability?

Availability is limited. Please call the office (303-735-2275) to inquire for the most up-to-date availability information.