Floor Plans & Rates | Bear Creek Apartments

Yes! Both Bear Creek buildings provide UCB wireless internet which also allows access to university library and research tools.

Yes! All utilities (electricity, water, sewage, heat), trash/recycling removal, and high-speed internet (wired or wireless) are included in your semesterly rent payment!

While we understand you may love your pet or want to adopt a pet and provide them a home, we do not allow pets at Bear Creek.

If a resident is caught with a pet we will issue a fine of $250 and will be required to immediately remove the pet. Please don't be forced to find another home for an animal. 


Security deposits are processed through the Bursar’s office within 60 days after move-out. The refund will be reduced by any charges for damages or extra cleaning or by a balance due for Bear Creek rent. Your refund will be deposited into the account you set up via myCUInfo or a check will be mailed to your forwarding address. 

A contract to live at Bear Creek is a legally binding contract.  The contract can only be broken without penalty if the resident graduates, enters a study abroad program, or withdraws from the University (documentation is required). A request to break the contract for any other reason than those listed above must be submitted as a petition of hardship pending committee approval.      

Applications of current residents wishing to return the following academic year are given preferential status if submitted during the first week of the opening of application period.   

Yes. Bear Creek routinely performs roommate assignments based upon personal preferences indicated in resident applications. 

Yes, upon request and with the agreement of all residents in the apartment. Please contact the Bear Creek office for more information. 

Another lease applicant will be assigned to the vacant room.  Roommate assignments are based on the personal preferences indicated in resident applications.

Primary move-in occurs in August; secondary move-in occurs in January.  However, move-ins are permitted at any time on a space-available basis. Please contact us for more information on availability!

  • Fully furnished apartment (bed, desk, desk chair, dresser, end table, mattress/bed frame, standard kitchen appliances, couch, chairs, TV stand, coffee table)
  • All utilities (heating and cooling; electric; gas, etc)
  • Indoor trash/recycling
  • Wireless Internet

Can I pay my rent with grants, student loans or financial aid?

Yes. Please contact the Bursar's Office for additional information.

Your semesterly rental fee is assessed at the beginning of each semester and is added to your Bursar's account.

Rent is accessed and charged on a semesterly basis. Fees are added to your Bursar's account.

Where can I find more information on paying rent?

Visit the Paying Rent page for details.

What payment forms do you accept?

We accept checks, credit cards and debit cards. You can also set up recurring payments to automatically charge your card every month.

When is my rent due?

Your rent is due on the first of every month.

Can I pay my rent with grants, student loans or financial aid?

Yes, you can. Please contact the office for more information.

What is included in my rent?

Your rent includes the fully furnished apartment space, all utilities, broadband internet and TV service (you will need to bring your own TV).

Do you have availability after the big move-ins?

Even though we have larger move-ins before each semester, sometimes spaces become available during the semesters. Please contact the office for current availability.

What happens if one of my roommates cannot pay rent or pays late?

Since all contracts at Bear Creek are individual, you are NOT liable if one of your roommates does not pay rent or does not pay it on time.

What happens if one of my roommates moves out or decides not to sign a contract?

Since all contracts at Bear Creek are individual, this does not affect you. You will NOT be responsible for finding another person to fill that space in your apartment. It is likely that the vacant room will be filled with another student. In this event, Bear Creek makes every effort to fill the space with a student who will match you and your current roommates based on your application preference sheet.

Can an apartment be coed?

Yes, upon request. All residents in the apartment must request a coed apartment, every bedroom must be filled and all roommates must have signed the coed agreement.

For example, in a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment, there must be four people who request each other. If there are only three, a fourth person who wants to live in this coed apartment must be found by the resident, not Bear Creek, or the three residents will not be assigned together.

Can I move into a multi-bedroom apartment without pre-selected roommates?

Yes. You will be matched with roommates according to the preferences indicated in your application.

What if I want to live at Bear Creek again next year?

If you are a returning resident, you must apply online and you will receive priority as long as you apply before the priority deadline in February.

If you apply after that date, your current room may be released to new applicants and your application will be processed according to your application date.

How can I be released from my contract?

To be released from your contract, you must submit a request in writing to our leasing coordinator; this can be done in the office or via email. Once the leasing coordinator receives your request, the release process will start.

Please be aware that if you are breaking your contract for a non-excused reason, you may incur cancellation costs and you may lose your deposit. Excused reasons are generally academic in nature (studying abroad, graduation, etc.), and require proof/documentation to be submitted.

Detailed information on cancellation costs and deadlines before and after the move-in are found in the contract. Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding cancellation fees.