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Vacating Instructions

45 Day Notice

You are required to give the Bear Creek Office 45-days notice before vacating your apartment. You can fill out the Intent to Vacate Form online. Even if you give more than 45 days’ notice, rent still continues until the end of the contract term.

It is mandatory that you check out at the Bear Creek front office on or before your contract end-date by 12:00 noon because your apartment will be rented to another resident.

December Move Outs

Please submit the Intent to Vacate online and official documentation of your reason for leaving to the Bear Creek office. 

Approved reasons include:

  • December graduation (need an enrollment verification form from the Registrar’s Office)
  • Study Abroad (need confirmation documentation that you accepted to be in the program)
  • An internship outside of 30 miles from campus (need confirmation documentation that you accepted to be in the program)
  • Withdrawal from the university (need a completed withdrawal form from Registrar’s Office or an enrollment verification form indicating you have no credits for spring semester)

Leaving for a reason other than those listed above is considered breaking the lease and could incur penalties. Please see the Bear Creek office with any questions!

Move-out Preparation Checklist

To help you prepare for a successful move-out, please review the move-out checklist

Final Check-Out

You may choose between two options for check-out

Option 1

Bring all of your keys and parking permit to the office during Bear Creek office hours (9:00 am to 7:00 pm). You do not need to be present for room inspection and it will be completed at a time convenient for staff.

Option 2

Schedule a final check-out and room inspection by calling the office or stopping in the office one week before move out. A staff worker will walk through your room with you at that scheduled time. This check-out will only be done during office hours when all of your belongings are moved out and your apartment/room is cleaned.

* You will not be allowed to re-enter the apartment after this check-out is complete. You will need to give all keys and all parking permits to the staff member conducting the check out.

If you do not do an optional staff checkout, be sure to lock your bedroom door before you turn in your keys. Shortly after you hand in your keys and parking permit, a staff member will check your apartment for damages.


All keys and parking permits issued must be turned in by noon on your vacate date.

  • If all room keys are not returned, you will be charged $45 for a lock change.  

  • If your mailbox key isn’t returned, you will be charged $45 for a mailbox lock change. If you do not turn in your parking permit, you will be charged $10.

If you continue to occupy the apartment and/or keep the apartment keys past the vacate date, you will be charged rent plus $200 liquidated damages for each day until the apartment is vacated and the keys are returned.


Your $200 deposit will be transferred to the Bursars Office less any outstanding unpaid rent charges, unpaid lock/key charges, damage to appliances and/or furniture charges (as verified by your unit condition form), or damaged/dirty apartment charges. These charges will be deducted from  your deposit. If said charges are greater than $200, the balance due will be sent to the Bursars Office. Please wait at least 45 days after move-out before inquiring about your security deposit refund to allow time for processing. Note that the method of deposit refund is determined by the arrangement you make with the Bursars Office.


Please note that rent is due on the 1st of the month. If you are moving out due to lease end date (May/August) please refer to your lease for last month pro-rated payment amount.  

Forwarding & Change of Address

Please give a forwarding address when you fill out your 45 day intent to vacate form. If a refund is due, it will be mailed to you from the Bursar’s office within 45-60 days. After your move-out all mail will be forwarded for 30 days only.

Therefore, please complete a change of address by going to and submitting an official change of address. This is a quick and simple process that will insure that you will continue to receive your mail.

Outgoing Personal Packages

Any and all items you wish to ship using the Bear Creek office as a pick-up location for your carrier must be left at the Bear Creek office three days (or earlier) prior to your departure. Items will not be accepted at the office within three days or less of your departure.

You must perform all tasks for shipping the item(s) yourself (boxing, taping, labeling, paying shipping charges and contacting the carrier to pick up your items). The Bear Creek staff will not provide any supplies or perform any of these tasks for you. If your items are not picked up by the carrier within 24 hours of being left at the office, you will be contacted with instructions to retrieve them and you must make new arrangements to have the items shipped completely independent of the Bear Creek office.

Personal Items Left In or Outside of Apartment

Please do not leave personal items for the next tenant. Personal property of the lessee remaining on the premises, including bicycles on bike racks, etc., following termination of occupancy shall be deemed abandoned in favor of the lessor, to be disposed of at our discretion. Charges will be made for removal of all items left in the apartment.

Excess Charges

When charges against a unit exceed the amount of deposit, the amount owed will be sent to your Bursars account with the university. If payment is not made in a timely manner the resident’s name is placed on the university debt file list. This action denies a student’s registration, transfer of credits or graduation until the amount due is paid. Additional charges deducted from your deposit may include rent, cleaning, missing room and mailbox key, lock change(s), lost permit(s), etc.

If you have questions regarding your refund or payment please contact the Bear Creek office at 303-735-2275.


If there are any questions, please direct them to the Bear Creek office at 303-735-2275.  

Please do not drive on sidewalks or grass during move out.

Thank you and good luck at your new residence!

Intent to Vacate Form