Parents | Bear Creek Apartments

Authorization for Release of Information

We welcome communication with parents and family members of Bear Creek residents. Please be aware that federal right to privacy laws require that we must have written permission to do so. Residents should be sure to complete the Bear Creek Authorization for Release of Information Form.

May Move-Out

Move-out is just around the corner! Listed below are some of the policies and procedures that you and your student need to be aware of.


All keys and parking permits issued must be turned in by noon on your vacate date. If you continue to occupy the apartment and/or keep the apartment keys past the vacate date, you will be charged rent plus $100 liquidated damages for each day until the apartment is vacated and the keys are returned.


May rent is prorated for students whose contracts end in May. Please refer to your contract summary for last month payment amount. Please pay the full amount due regardless of when you are vacating your apartment. Early move-outs are not granted rent reduction.

Personal Items

Personal property of the lessee remaining on the premises including bicycles on bike racks, etc., following termination of occupancy shall be deemed abandoned in favor of the lessor, to be disposed of at their discretion. Donation bins are available for unused or unwanted items.


  • Range: remove food stains and grease spilled or splattered on top of the stove. Do not use cleansing powders on the enamel. Clean the entire inside of the oven
  • Refrigerator: clean the refrigerator and freezer with a solution of warm water and baking soda if you can. Close the refrigerator door and set the regulator to the lowest temperature
  • Cabinets: kitchen cabinets and drawers should be cleaned inside and out
  • Toilet, tub, shower: these should be thoroughly cleaned with a non-grit powder if you can
  • Sinks: clean kitchen and bathroom sinks as well as medicine cabinets
  • Walls and floors: all walls and floors, including closets, should be cleaned

Final Check-Out

Bring all of your keys and parking permit to the office during Bear Creek office hours. You do not need to be present for room inspection and it will be completed at a time convenient for staff. If you do have any concerns about anything in your apartment, you may schedule a walk-through with a staff member.

*You will not be allowed to re-enter your apartment once your check-out is complete. 

Mail and Forwarding Address

Please clean out your mailbox and provide a forwarding address when you fill out your Intent To Vacate form. If a refund is due to you, it will be mailed to you from the Bursar’s office within 45-60 days of vacating your apartment.

Summer Applications

Bear Creek offers housing to students year-round. Summer applications are available starting in April after spring break. To be eligible for a summer contract, students must be enrolled in summer classes and/or fall term. Summer applications can be filled out online through myCULiving.

Summer Intern Housing

Students who are not registered for summer or fall classes at CU Boulder but are in Boulder for an internship may be able to live at Bear Creek. HDS Conference Services manages the applications and assignments for summer interns. More information can be found on the Summer Internship website.