Bursar's Transfer Information | Bear Creek Apartments

What does it mean to send your Bear Creek charges to Bursar’s Office?

You are sending your Bear Creek charges for a specific semester to your Bursar’s Office account, so the charges can be paid through the Bursar’s Office along with your tuition and feesStudents are responsible monitoring their Bursar’s Office accounts and for making payment on their Bursar’s Office accounts.  Financial aid and scholarship money can be applied towards paying rent.

Who can participate in this process?

This process is available to current Bear Creek residents (other than residents enrolled in the International English Center program).

For what time period is this applicable?

This process can be used for the current semester.  If you would like to have your charges sent to the Bursar’s Office for the next semester, then please submit a request approximately 45 days prior to the start of the next semester via the Bursar’s Transfer Request Page

Can I request my charges to be sent to the Bursar’s Office for future semesters?

You will be able to request a Bursar’s transfers for the next semester (details above). However, we currently do not offer requests for transfers that are further in the future.

What charges are included?

Only Bear Creek room and parking charges are included in the request.  Meal plans are not included. 

What amount will be sent to Bursar’s Office?

Bear Creek charges for the entire semester will be included.  It does not include charges for the entire academic year.  You will need to initiate the process separately for fall, spring, and summer semesters. 

What if I change my mind?

Once initiated for a semester, the process is intended to be irrevocable.   Please do not request a Bursar’s transfer unless you are sure you really want to do this.  

What happens after I click on the Bursar’s Office Upload Request Button?  How will I know the process is in effect?

When you select this option, an email will be issued to your Colorado.edu email account within a few business days to confirm receipt of the request; no other notifications will be issued.  You do not need to take any further action upon receipt of the confirmation email.  You do not need to pay any Bear Creek charges per the Bear Creek payment schedule as outlined in your contract summary.  Payments should be made only to the Bursar’s Office per their schedule. You can find additional information on the Bursar’s website

How will I know the processing is complete?

When the processing of your request is complete, a debit (charge) will post on your Bursar’s Office account and an offsetting credit (prepayment) will post on your Bear Creek account.  The credit balance will be designated by a minus (-) sign in front of the number.  This credit balance will be reduced monthly as Bear Creek charges are assessed.  

What is the extent of my responsibility?

By initiating this process, you are agreeing that you have read this material and agree to the terms of this process.  You will make payments directly to the Bursar’s Office per their schedule.

What if I’m still not sure I want to do this?

If you wish for additional clarification, please contact the Bear Creek office at BearCreekApartments@Colorado.edu before submitting a Bursar’s Transfer request.  Our staff will be happy to answer your questions.